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1.   How do I know my handwriting is captured?

While writing the continuous blinking of Green LED in the base unit indicates your writings are getting captured. Once you reach end of page lift the base unit to save the writings.

2.   I'm writing, but I could not able to see any blinking in the base unit?

Any of the following may be a reason,

  1. Pen batteries are empty (Pen Batteries should be replaced)
  2. Base unit battery is empty (Base unit needs to be charged).
3.   How do I know when my Base Unit batteries are near empty or empty?

Your Base Unit Red LED will blink slowly  

4.   I don't have Bluetooth in my System?

Still you can use e-Diary through USB Cable provided. Else use a Bluetooth Dongle and Insert to the System and Follow "FAQ-9"

5.   How to Pair my e-Diary via Bluetooth to my System?

Turn on the Bluetooth by pressing the Bluetooth button on the base unit.

Turn on the Bluetooth in the PC → search for Bluetooth devices -> Select Mobile Pen from the search list → start pairing →On Device Paring Code enter 0000 → Done.

Note: For PCs without inbuilt Bluetooth, a Bluetooth dongle is required. Please purchase a dongle and mount it to the USB interface before making Bluetooth connection. For detail instruction on how to make connection, you may refer to the user guide provided with the dongle.

6.   Can I able to erase my current written data from Base Unit?


7.   My system does not recognize my e-Diary via Bluetooth

Make sure both your PC and e-Diary Bluetooth is switched on. Try to discover e-Diary again thru Bluetooth.

8.   My system does not recognize my e-Diary via USB

When connecting the e-Diary through USB cable to your PC please notice the charging indication in the Base Unit in Red.

  1. If no charging indication found please replace the USB Cable
  2. Even after the charging indication if the application doesn`t detect the e-Diary please reset the Base Unit and try again.
9.   How do I write in connected mode?

Make sure your device is connected through Bluetooth /USB and Click on the "Add New Online Page"    A new page will open and start writing.

10.   I can't able to see what I'm writing in the connected mode via Bluetooth

Please verify the following

  1. Check the Bluetooth is turned on both in PC and e-Diary.
  2. Check the Pen Batteries.
11.   1. I can’t able to see what I’m writing in the connected mode via USB

Please verify the following

  1. When connecting the e-Diary through USB cable to your PC please notice the charging indication in the Base Unit in Red.
  2. Check Pen Batteries
12.   Can I send email directly from e-Diary application?

Yes. Before sending email Configure the Email settings.

13.   How can I copy my handwriting from e-Diary to MS Word/PowerPoint?

You can copy the handwriting using lasso tool to select the strokes, go to Edit-> Select Copy as Ink and paste it in MS Word/MS PowerPoint/MS Outlook.

14.   Can I able to convert my Handwritten Notes to Text?

To convert the Saved notes to text, select the particular file and go to File Menu-> Export To -> Select either Text File or MS Word File.

15.   What is the life of Pen Batteries?

Normally the pen battery will last for about 50-60 hours of continuous writing.
For e.g. Approximate writing of 1 hour per day will last for 50-60 days.

16.   My Pen Batteries are new, e-Diary is fully charged, but I can't able to save or write notes in offline /Connected mode.?

Reset the device and Try again.

17.   How do I erase my stored notes from the e-Diary?

Method 1: On each instance of download from e-Diary the application will prompt for the confirmation to erase the content from the Base Unit.
Method 2: Connect the Device to PC, open e-Diary application, Go to File Menu and Select "Erase e-Diary Notes"

18.   Is it possible to erase a particular note from the e-Diary?


19.   What can I do if my pages in the Notebook are over?

Any regular A5 size notebook can be inserted in the e-Diary.

20.   How can I search my saved notes in the e-Diary application?

e-Diary Find        option help the users to visually scan a document for every occurrence of a word or phrase. The searched word or phrase will be highlighted on the screen.

To Find a Text in a File
Choose Edit > Find. Enter the Word/Phrase in the         Textbox.
Click         The searched Word/Phrase will be highlighted in the Notes.

To find next occurrence of Word/Phrase click        again.
e-Diary Advanced Search help the users to search for a Word/Phrase in all the saved files within a particular period.

Advanced Search:
(To find a Text from the entire saved files)

Choose Edit > Advanced Search (or) click         button.
Advanced Search window will appear.

  • Enter the Word/Phrase in the Keyword(s) textbox.
  • To find the given Word/Phrase in a particular file, enter the file name in Title textbox(Optional)
  • Select the From Date and ToDate to narrow the search within the specified period.
  • Click         a list of searched results matching the search criteria will appear.
  • To open a File from the list click the corresponding         button
  • The File will be opened and the search Word/Phrase will be highlighted.
21.   I could not able to Send email?

Check the following settings.

  1. Email settings for Proper username and valid password
  2. SMTP server name (outgoing server name)
  3. The status of SSL, check SSL if your server requires. Eg. Gmail requires SSL to be Enabled.
  4. Check your Firewall for email block.
22.   My Pen batteries are drying so soon?

Check whether you have bought right battery.
We recommend SR41/LR41 batteries.
Is your Pen damaged?

23.   How do I edit/append my Strokes/Hand written notes?

You can edit the strokes by changing its color, size.
Open e-Diary application, open a File, by using the lasso tool         select the required strokes, go to Edit Menu-> Select Ink Properties. Ink properties window will appear, select the required properties and click ok to complete.
To append a file. Make sure your device is connected through Bluetooth /USB and Click on the "Online Mode".       
Select current File and start writing.

24.   Where can I get complete help for application usage?

Open the e-Diary application, press F1 or Select Help in Menu, opens up application Help where you can find entire application usage.

25.   To whom shall I contact if my device is not working?

Tele support: +91 80 25207099/+91 80 25207100
Email support:

26.   How do I Backup and Restore my Data?

To Backup
Choose, File -> Data Backup/Restore -> Backup
Data Backup window will appear
Enter Filename and select the backup location and click Save button
A confirmation window will appear after completion of the data backup

To Restore
Choose File -> Data Backup/Restore -> Restore
Data Restore window will appear
Browse the stored backup File and click Open button
Data will be restored and the confirmation will appear when the data are differ

27.   How do I Reset my e-Diary?

A reset hole is available on top of the e-Diary, using a small pin press in the pin hole. All the LEDs will blink once indicates the device reset confirmation.

28.   How to charge my Base Unit?

You can charge the base unit just by connecting the e-Diary to the PC using USB Cable provided. The RED LED blinking indicates the charging.

29.   How long the base unit battery lasts for a single charge?

The Base Unit battery will last for 16 hours of continuous writing on a single charge.

30.   Where do I get the refills and batteries?

The refills in the Pen are standard refills and are available in any standard stationary stores.
The Pen batteries (SR 41/LR41) are also available in any electronic shops.
Alternatively you can contact us for Refills and Batteries.

31.   How do I remove refill from my e-Diary Pen?

You can easily remove the refill from pen by using the refill extractor provided in the package.

32.   Can I use e-Diary as Mouse?

On connected mode through USB, the mouse function can be enabled and Pen button will act as mouse buttons.